Google to share more search data with advertisers

Google to share more search data

More query data will be shared with advertisers in the future, while older search term data will soon be swept away.

Advertisers take note; Google Ads has announced its intention to begin sharing more of that juicy search term data that is so useful to you.

In a move announced almost exactly a year since Google’s original decision to start hiding search term data deemed “insignificant data” it seems that for advertisers, the future is suddenly looking brighter.

Google has gone to some lengths to press the need for solutions around balancing the need for maintaining privacy while sharing data back to advertisers. They still won’t get it all, but the search giant is working hard to increase visibility into search term data for advertisers.

How much is “More” and when will it happen..?

These are bound to be questions on every advertisers mind.

Google’s estimate suggests that advertisers may see as much as 6.5x more search term data on average. Even better, this is already happening, the changes came into effect on September 9th 2021, and is even back-dated to February 1st 2021.

Surely, there’s a catch?

Perhaps... The goal here is also to improve privacy, as such Google has made the decision to remove search term data from before September 2020 when the roll out of privacy restrictions to govern search term reporting first began, assuming that data fails to meet the current criteria for search term data.

That data will be available until February of next year if it fails to meet current thresholds.

What we know about the changes

Google has made no secret of the importance of sharing data back to advertisers while upholding consistently high privacy standards for its users. The search giant knows that advertisers are hungry for more data and has made considerable investments in its technology to deliver it via Google Ads.

While declining to comment any further on specifics at this time, Google has noted that it plans to share additional data, to empower advertisers to gain deeper insight into how customers found them, in the insights page. Advertisers will now have visibility into performance-driving search query themes even if they are masked from the search terms report.

Advice for advertisers

Top of the advertiser’s to-do list, since your data from the time before September 2020 is soon to be gone is to download it today, that way they will always have a record of it.

Next on the list, going through your search term data from February 1 2021 up until today with a fine-toothed comb, a very smart move which will allow them to uncover and review any that they might simply not have been able to access before.

Lastly, make the most of it, add new keywords and negatives accordingly, Christmas (it seems) may well have come early.

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