Google's DVD Screensaver Easter Egg

Google Easter Egg DVD Screensaver

Enter into Google search DVD Screensaver on a desktop

Google DVD Screensaver Easter Egg

It's official, the Google DVD screensaver easter egg is here - and ya know what? It might actually hit the corner of the screen (we're all praying!)

For those unfamiliar with the DVD Screensaver that used to grace millions of TV screens across the world (and for the younger generation that have probably seen it on the office) - you can find it here

Here's the clip from the office:

Twitter user Zouhir, a Google software engineer, tweeted out the Easter Egg earlier on today.

Whenever the Google logo hits the sides of the screen, the logo will change colour, much like the old DVD logo that we all grew to know and love. In a statement, Google did say that it's possible for the logo to hit the corner. Standby for that video, it'll be a momentous occasion.

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