June Sees the Rollout of Two Google Search Spam Updates 

Google rolls out two spam updates

June 2021 wasn’t a good month for spammers as Google confirms not one, but two spam algorithm updates.

Google recently confirmed that June 23rd was the release day for their global update to tackle spam across both web page and image results.

Commenced and completed in a single day, the 23rd June update was linked by the search engine giant to its general spam prevention notice; however details were scarce around exactly what type or types of spam the update might target.

Google announced on Twitter that “As part of our regular work to improve results, we've released a spam update to our systems.” A link to one of last year’s Search Central posts was included to help users learn more about how Google dealt with search spam last year, as well as a video demonstrating the measures the company takes to keep search users safe and as far as is possible, spam-free.

Those who track the impact of updates like these have so far, seen little in the way of fluctuations aside from the type that normally follow an announcement of this kind. Neither have any clues as to the type of spam specifically targeted in the 23/06 update itself been forthcoming, as yet.

However the 23rd of June update was only part one, with part two following a few days later.

An update of two halves

Google’s @searchliaison Twitter account followed up their original announcement with another which, as well as confirming the initial update was done and dusted in a single day, announced a second update for the following week.

A second, follow up tweet posted five days later on 28th June confirmed that this second phase of the spam update was currently underway.

The second update, like the first was confirmed as a global update and is the latest in an eventful few months for updates which kicked off back in April with the Product Reviews update. Shortly after that came the Core Update and Page Experience updates of June. There is also the small matter of July’s Core Update expected to start rolling out at some point this month.

It’s a busy time to be an SEO with multiple updates having the potential to inflict ranking changes, any observed around the 23rd and 28th of June however, may well be down to spam related concerns.

As always the smart advice is to ensure your site is playing nicely by the Google rulebook and all guidelines are being observed.

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