An Actionable SEO Guide for Beginners

Beginners SEO Guide

SEO doesn’t need to be complicated and overwhelming. With a little bit of insider knowledge, you can get to grips with an SEO strategy that will transform your rankings. This guide breaks down everything worth knowing about the basics of SEO in a way that’s simple, clear and concise.

Start from section 1 and work your way through the modules. If you read and implement what you learn from each module, you can power your very own (successful) SEO strategy.

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Section 1 - An Introduction to SEO

Start here. This is a simple introduction to SEO that can help you get to grips with what it actually is, jargon busting and what aspects matter when it comes to SEO.

Section 2 - A Simple Guide to Search Engines

Find out how search engines work such as indexing and crawling, along with all the information you'll need regarding major Google algorithm updates of note.

Section 3 - SEO Keywords & Keyword Research

Keywords are the life and soul of an SEO strategy. Learn how to identify the best keywords for your website and how to implement them properly.

Section 4 - SEO & Content 

Content is a king and that's why it's imperative that you understand how to produce content that's going to win over search engines (and users, of course).

Section 5 - Technical SEO & On-Page Optimisation

It may sound daunting but it really isn't. Find out all aspects that matter when it comes to optimising pages on your website and the different variables that have an impact on search.

Section 6 - Link Building & Off-Page Optimisation

Links are the fuel for search engines to gauge how popular a website is. Learn how to build a meaningful link profile - as well on tips on what types of links to avoid.

Section 7 - Analytics and Monitoring SEO Progress

You've followed all the steps in this guide, now it's time to measure your campaign. Find out how to set KPI's and monitor your organic search efforts through analytics. 

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